Influence of short-draft tube on fluid dynamics in bubble column with CFD

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Numerical simulations of gas-liquid flow in a cylindrical bubble column of 190 mm in diameter were conducted to investigate the effect of short-draft tube and its location on hydrodynamic properties using two-fluid model and modified k-ε turbulence model. In the simulations, four cases were assessed. One was a simple bubble column without draft tube while the other three had short draft tubes of 0.7D in diameter, 1.0D in length and the clearance from bottom of bubble column of 0.5D, 1.0D and 1.5D, respectively. The simulation results demonstrate that the predicted data from the simple bubble column coincide with the experimental data in literatures. The draft tube flats the radial profiles of the local time-averaged gas holdup and time-averaged axial liquid velocity in the downstream of draft-tube. It is also indicated that the draft tube significantly increases the RMS (root mean square) axial liquid fluctuating velocity at the bottom of the bubble column, which would be beneficial to the solid suspension.

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JournalHuadong Ligong Daxue Xuebao /Journal of East China University of Science and Technology
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  • Bubble column
  • CFD
  • Short-draft tube
  • Two fluid model

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