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Capacitive Power Transfer (CPT) is an emerging wireless power transfer technology based on electric field coupling. In practical applications, the coupling structure of the CPT system is prone to misalignment between the transmitter and receiver sides, thus deteriorating the system power transfer performance. This research will develop a method and control strategy to achieve dynamic compensation for coupling variation so as to eliminate the effects of coupling variation on system performance. To develop a dynamic model of the coupling structure, this research will combine a time/frequency-dependent generalized state-space averaging with discrete mapping to model the system and decouple the description of the coupling. A set of characteristic variables for coupling will be proposed. For the coupling condition feedback, an online identification system will be developed to estimate the coupling condition. For the compensation, a compensating network with a continuous/discrete variable structure consisted of passive elements and switches will be designed. A linear/nonlinear hybrid controller to adjust the compensating network will be developed to implement multi-objective optimization. Simulations and experiments will be conducted to validate the proposed model and controller. This research will further improve the fundamental theory for the CPT system and provide technical support for its development.
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/08/24


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