Research on Active Vibration Suppression of Rotating Structures using Disturbance-Estimation-Based Control

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Rotating systems have been used extensively in electro-mechanical rotary machines for power transmission and power generation purposes in many industrial applications. However, significant vibration problems can arise for such rotating systems due to their particularly complex vibration characteristics, especially for high speed and high load operations. This project thus aims to study and develop an active vibration control method using disturbance-estimation-based control that allows effective flexural and torsional vibration suppression of rotating systems. Due to the uncertain internal and external disturbances affecting the rotating system that makes it difficult to develop a control system that is robust in its performance, the development of an observer that can accurately estimate the internal and external disturbances will be studied as it is essential for improving the control robustness. This project will be supported by theoretical and experimental studies, focusing on the development of the disturbance estimation process to predict the uncertain disturbances affecting the dynamics of a rotating system, and the active control system that is used to reject the disturbances affecting the vibration of the rotating system.
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/08/25


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