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Senior Manager in Quality Assurance

Personal profile

Personal profile

2010.8-2012.5,  Tutor in Mandarin, University College Cork, Ireland

2012.9-present, Tutor in Mandarin, Language Centre, UNNC

2012-2014, Coordinated the Mandarin Evening Class;

2013-2017, Language Centre coordinator of out-teach activities (Open day, Module Fairs);

2017-present, Deputy Exam Officer of the Language Centre.

2017-present, Chief editor of CosmoL&C: Languages and Cultures

2019.9-Present, Exam Officer of the Language Centre


Have convened/taught and (or) continue convening/teaching different levels of Mandarin courses, including comprehensive courses like level 1 for beginners, level 4 and 5 for higher level students; skill-based courses like Listening and Speaking modules for post beginner and intermediate levels, and content specific classes like News Listening for high level students; as well as extracurricular courses like Mandarin for staff, Summer Courses, etc..

Have been focusing on developing teaching methods (collaborative learning, active learning and independent learning etc.) of intermediate-high level Mandarin teaching to support students learning better and consequently improve their learning experience.

Research Interests

To engage students with different learning requirement by involving them in course developing: designing the learning activities, choosing the learning materials, etc.

To provide students extracurricular activities to engage them more in learning the language. With Mandarin Stage 4 students, we worked and produced a class magazine in autumn semester of academic year 2017-18. Now this project has become a project for the whole department, involving students from all languages taught at the Language Centre who can take part in this extracurricular project to work with the language beyond the classroom and learning.

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