Dynamic modelling and experimental studies of turbulent bubbly flow in bubble column reactor

  • Xinyue CAI

Student thesis: PhD Thesis


This research investigated the gas-liquid two-phase and gas-liquid-solid three-phase flow in bubble column from both numerical and experimental aspects to fill the gas of fundamental understanding of the complicated mechanisms of multiphase flow in bubble columns. In this work, a numerical method for bubble breakup model is proposed to simulate bubble size distribution which is the main concern in bubble column simulation; a modified turbulent viscosity model is proposed with the consideration of the bubble response to the eddies and bubble-induced turbulent energy spectrum; the experimental studies of gas-liquid two-phase flow and gas-liquid-solid three-phase flow is proposed with the measured turbulent energy spectrum of multiphase flow.
Date of AwardMar 2023
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Nottingham
SupervisorXiaogang Yang (Supervisor) & Guang Li (Supervisor)


  • CFD modelling
  • multiphase flow
  • bubble columns
  • gas-liquid two-phase flow
  • turbulence energy spectrum
  • turbulent viscosity
  • numerical integration

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