The evolution of Minzu among the Sibe

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This chapter investigates the concept of minzu among the Sibe people, providing a discourse analysis of Sibe ethnic identity construction. This genealogical examination, utilizing a Foucauldian approach, dissects both cadre-written history and collaborative online narratives from social media. The focus is on the conceptualization and institutionalization of the Sibe as a minzu subject. This work posits that Sibe ethnicity is a product of power dynamics and discursive practices reflective of their historical, social, and cultural milieus, challenging the notion of a pre-existing minzu identity. It underscores the need for critique of knowledge production and power interplay in minzu identity formation, emphasizing the complex relationship between discourse and power in shaping ethnic identity. Additionally, this chapter examines how the psychological construction of minzu in Chinese society served as a ground for defining ethnicity and self-identity among the Sibe, highlighting the impact of media technicity. It explores the changes in text-reader interactions brought about by media technicity, illustrating how this shift, from traditional media outlets to social media, is redefining Sibe ethnic identity through their reading of history.
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Title of host publicationMinzu as Technology
Subtitle of host publicationEthnic Identity and Social Media in Post 2000s China
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