Facile synthesis of 2D α-MnO2 nanosheets for the removal of heavy metal ions

Hao Li, Lin Gui, Zhanyang Gao, Feipeng Ren, Honglei Zhang, Ruichao Peng

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Removal of heavy metal ions (HMIs) has attracted great attentions due to the fact that they have serious effect on environment and human beings. Manganese oxide (MnO2) was widely used as absorbent for the HMIs removal on account of its low-cost, eco-friendly and biocompatibility. The modification of morphological and structure is recognized as the effective route to improve the adsorption capacity. In this work, 2D α-MnO2 nanosheets were synthesized by hydrothermal method with Al3+ additive. With the merits of high specific surface area, high dispersity in aqueous solution and abundant surface defects, 2D α-MnO2 nanosheets exhibited excellent HMIs adsorption performance. The maximum adsorption capacity of 2D α-MnO2 nanosheets reached 1.604 mmol g−1 (Pb2+) and 0.813 mmol g−1 (Cd2+), respectively and can maintain stable after five cycles. Besides, the established adsorption kinetics fitted well with pseudo-second-order adsorption kinetics model. Based on the above results, 2D α-MnO2 is efficient for the removal of HMIs and possesses remarkable practical application potential.

Original languageEnglish
Article number215705
Issue number21
Publication statusPublished - 21 May 2021
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  • Adsorption
  • Heavy metal ions
  • Manganese oxide
  • Selectivity
  • Two-dimensional

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