Electromechanical Characteristics Analysis under DSISC Fault in Synchronous Generators

Yu Ling He, Ming Hao Qiu, Xing Hua Yuan, Xian Long He, Hai Peng Wang, Meng Ya Jiang, Chris Gerada, Shu Ting Wan

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This paper studies the electromechanical characteristics of synchronous generators under dynamic stator interturn short circuit (DSISC). First, the air gap magnetic flux density (MFD) of the generator under normal and DSISC fault was obtained. Then, the expression for the phase current and the electromagnetic torque (EMT) were obtained. After this, the phase current and EMT were analyzed by finite element analysis (FEA). Finally, the measured electromechanical characteristics of the CS-5 generator under different conditions were analyzed in accordance with theory and simulation. It was shown that with the occurrence, and deterioration, of DSISC, the amplitude of the first harmonic, third harmonic and fifth harmonic of the phase current became more affected by the pulse. Meanwhile, the even-numbered harmonics components of EMT increased.

Original languageEnglish
Article number432
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2022


  • dynamic stator interturn short circuit (DSISC)
  • electromagnetic torque (EMT)
  • harmonic component
  • phase current
  • synchronous generator

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