Applicability investigation of code-defined procedures on seismic performance assessment of typical school buildings in Taiwan

Lap Loi Chung, Yung Tsang Chen, Chi Hsiang Sun, Kuan Hua Lien, Lai Yun Wu

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Seismic resistance of elementary and high school buildings is of great concern due to high earthquake risk in Taiwan. Existing school buildings are often built of similar configurations, and designed based on previous building codes, which are not in compliance with current codes in seismic performance objective. The use of current code procedures on seismic performance assessment of existing typical school buildings may not be applicable in predicting their structural behavior during earthquakes. This paper describes a full-size two-story, three-bay frame structure test of typical school building design in Taiwan, and examines the performance and failure mechanism of the frame structure with current building codes. Results from loading test show good agreement with the code-defined procedures in identifying soft story, weak story, and failure modes of columns, but show different failure mechanism in beam-column joint region, i.e. strong-column-weak-beam is expected by building code procedures, whereas the test specimen exhibits weak-column-strong-beam behavior. Although the joint shear check following current code procedures gives satisfactory results, i.e. is consistent with the experiment, the check on its own is not a reasonable one. Revisions of current checking procedures for failure mechanism in beam column joint and for joint shear are also proposed in this paper for existing non-ductile reinforced concrete school buildings. The revised procedures incorporate the effects of both weak story and weak-column-strong-beam behavior. After adopting the proposed procedures, the predicted structural behavior and failure modes are consistent with those observed from the full-size frame test.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)147-159
Number of pages13
JournalEngineering Structures
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2012
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  • Building code
  • Load test
  • School buildings
  • Seismic resistance
  • Taiwan

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