2D-based indoor mobile laser scanning for construction digital mapping application

Chao Chen, Llewellyn Tang, Craig M. Hancock, Jingjing Yan, Huib de Ligt, Penghe Zhang

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A common issue which occurs often in construction projects is how to determine the discrepancies between as-built or existing constructions and initial design. Physical manual measurement usually brings many of problems such as long measuring time, high labor consumption, and measurement error accumulation and in some cases lower accuracy. Therefore, more advanced technologies such as laser scanning and total station, which are used in geospatial mapping and surveying have been adopted in order to provide much more reliable and accurate measurements. However, technical and financial issues still constrain the widespread applications of well-known 3-dimensional (3D) terrestrial and aerial laser scanning, such as high equipment cost, complex pre-preparation, inconvenience of use and spatial limitation. This paper aims to introduce an innovative laser scanning method for indoor construction mapping. This method integrates an IMU-GPS positioning approach with a more convenient, more time saving and lower costed 2-dimensional (2D) laser scanner to realize indoor mobile 3D mapping for construction model creation, which can be integrated with Building Information Modelling (BIM) design in order to realize the applications, such as quality control of as-built construction or indoor mapping of existing building. Although compared with traditional 3D laser scanning, its accuracy and reliability cannot reach such a high level currently, experimental results still indicate feasibility, reliability and potential capability of this indoor mobile laser scanning method. It is hoped that this method will be further improved to substitute the stationary 3D laser scanning for narrow and limited construction spatial mapping in the near future.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 6 May 2018
EventFIG Congress 2018 - Istanbul, Turkey
Duration: 6 May 201811 May 2018


ConferenceFIG Congress 2018


  • BIM
  • Construction
  • Indoor Mapping
  • Indoor Positioning
  • Mobile Laser Scanning


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