Dynamic simulation and analysis for heating and air-conditioning energy load of old communities in Ningbo – a case study of Huamao Teachers’ Apartment of Zhonggongmiao subdistrict

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This project will create a dynamic energy model for the heating and air-conditioning systems based on the case study of Ningbo Huamao Teachers’ Apartment and its site-measurement data. Based on the energy model, the project will analyze the potential of application of renewable energy technologies in old communities, and provide suggestions for policies of old community renovation at Ningbo.
The project will conduct the following activities: 1) study of basic information of the case study community; 2) profiling of occupants’ behaviors on the usage of heating and air-conditioning systems; 3) data collection of typical indoor temperature response; 4) dynamic energy modeling and calibration of the community; 5) study of low carbon renovation strategies in communities; 6) study of the potential of “PV-storage-DC-flexibility” in communities.
The project will finally deliver an analysis and suggestion report for low carbon renovation of heating and air-conditioning systems in communities.
Effective start/end date1/08/2226/06/23


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