Personal profile

Personal profile

I joined in the University of Nottingham Ningbo China as Mandarin language tutor in December of 2006.

During the year of 2014-2016, I acted as the Mandarin team coordinator to manage the team business and report the Director of Language Centre. I also led the team to have a review of all the Mandarin modules on offer to harmonize the syllabus and assessment structures between UNUK and UNNC in 2015.


I have taught Mandarin modules across all the levels, from the beginner’s level to the proficiency level.

I also have been involved in developing and reshaping the curriculum of Mandarin program: Mandarin Listening and Speaking modules, Mandarin Reading and Writing modules in 2009-2010, Mandarin for Everyday Life in 2016-2018.

Research Interests

Expertise Summary

I have been teaching Mandarin modules for beginners for 6 years. I have rich experience in developing the learning materials for beginners. In addition, I have explored effective and innovative teaching methods in Chinese language classroom to promote learners’ motivation and enhance students’ engagement, for instance, encouraging interactive situational simulation, designing authentic tasks etc.

Research Interest

My main research interests focus on pedagogical study of language teaching and learning, for instance, how to enhance students’ listening and speaking skills, how to introduce Chinese characters more efficiently to beginners, how to incorporate authentic materials into the language teaching and learning at lower levels, how to use Chinese language learning Apps to support learners’ autonomy etc.

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