The on-and off-screen bromances of fast & furious

Jackie Raphael, Celia Lam

Research output: Chapter in Book/Conference proceedingBook Chapterpeer-review


This chapter considers how the on-screen and off-screen presentations influence the ‘reading’ of the bromance between Paul Walker (Brian O’Connor) and Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto). This particular bromance is created, like many other contemporary celebrity bromances, as a result of character dynamics emerging from the Fast & Furious franchise and is utilised for promotion. Indeed, creating synergies between stars in ensemble casts has become what scholar Peter Gutiérrez (2015: 39) argues is a feature of action films. In this sense, the authenticity of the bromance is already questionable, as there is an ever-present framework of advertising.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFull-throttle franchise
Subtitle of host publicationthe culture, business and politics of fast
EditorsJoshua Gulam, Fraser Elliott, Sarah Feinstein
Place of PublicationNew York
ISBN (Print)9781501378904
Publication statusPublished - 9 Feb 2023


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