Technical and Clinical Progress on Robot-Assisted Endovascular Interventions: A Review

Wenke Duan, Toluwanimi Akinyemi, Wenjing Du, Jun Ma, Xingyu Chen, Fuhao Wang, Olatunji Omisore, Jingjing Luo, Hongbo Wang, Lei Wang

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Prior methods of patient care have changed in recent years due to the availability of minimally invasive surgical platforms for endovascular interventions. These platforms have demonstrated the ability to improve patients’ vascular intervention outcomes, and global morbidities and mortalities from vascular disease are decreasing. Nonetheless, there are still concerns about the long-term effects of exposing interventionalists and patients to the operational hazards in the cath lab, and the perioperative risks that patients undergo. For these reasons, robot-assisted vascular interventions were developed to provide interventionalists with the ability to perform minimally invasive procedures with improved surgical workflow. We conducted a thorough literature search and presented a review of 130 studies published within the last 20 years that focused on robot-assisted endovascular interventions and are closely related to the current gains and obstacles of vascular interventional robots published up to 2022. We assessed both the research-based prototypes and commercial products, with an emphasis on their technical characteristics and application domains. Furthermore, we outlined how the robotic platforms enhanced both surgeons’ and patients’ perioperative experiences of robot-assisted vascular interventions. Finally, we summarized our findings and proposed three key milestones that could improve the development of the next-generation vascular interventional robots.

Original languageEnglish
Article number197
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2023
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  • control strategies
  • design taxonomies
  • haptic feedback
  • robot-assisted vascular interventions
  • skill assessment

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  • Mechanical Engineering
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