Research of User-centered Intelligent Technology in China's Cultural and Creative Product Design

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With the development of computer science, user-centered design assisted by intelligent technology is a new trend in China's cultural and creative design. To clarify the research progress, the author reviewed the representative predecessor's works in China, summarized a design process paradigm from their works, and classified the various design methods into a reasonable framework by manual content analysis. However, some problems still exist. The first is lack of intelligent design method promotion, and the other is the researchers are unaware that cultural and creative design has developed to a state with blurred boundary, in which the design not only means the design of cultural and creative products but also includes the design of exhibitions and education activities.

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JournalE3S Web of Conferences
Publication statusPublished - 9 Feb 2021
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Event3rd International Conference on Energy Resources and Sustainable Development, ICERSD 2020 - Harbin, China
Duration: 25 Dec 202027 Dec 2020


  • Design
  • Cultural and Creative Product
  • Design Method
  • Design Paradigms
  • User Perception

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