Recycled carbon fibre reinforced polyamides composites with the flame retardant agent treatment

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This investigation aims to manufacture a recycled carbon fibre reinforced polyamides(PA) via internal mixer technology. Theflame retardant agent(FR) and PU/FR agents were treated respectively first, and all the treated fibre was mixed with PA polymer via the internal mixer to manufactured the composites. The single fibre test results of recycled carbon fibre and treated carbon fibre were showed that the recycled carbon fibre with thermal pyrolysis had small diameter and high tensile strength and modulus. The LOI test result showed that compared to the pure recycled carbon fibre reinforced PA composites, the composites with FR agent treated presented high LOI result, the LOI was improved from 20.0% to 22.3% and 23.0% respectively. The vertical burning test of UL-94 results showed that all of the composites did not pass the UL-94 testing. The surface images of carbon fibre obtained from the scanning electron microscope showed that the fibre after thermal burning had a smooth surface. After coating with FR and PU/FR agents, the surface presented a layer of sizing.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 26 Aug 2020
Event第二十一届全国复合材料学术会议(NCCM-21) -
Duration: 26 Aug 2020 → …


Period26/08/20 → …


  • recycled carbon fibre
  • single fibre test
  • LOI
  • polyamides


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