Potential Roles of Selectins in Periodontal Diseases and Associated Systemic Diseases: Could They Be Targets for Immunotherapy?

Mei Zhong, Jiangyong Huang, Zhe Wu, Kok Gan Chan, Lijing Wang, Jiang Li, Learn Han Lee, Jodi Woan Fei Law

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Periodontal diseases are predisposing factors to the development of many systemic disorders, which is often initiated via leukocyte infiltration and vascular inflammation. These diseases could significantly affect human health and quality of life. Hence, it is vital to explore effective therapies to prevent disease progression. Periodontitis, which is characterized by gingival bleeding, disruption of the gingival capillary’s integrity, and irreversible destruction of the periodontal supporting bone, appears to be caused by overexpression of selectins in periodontal tissues. Selectins (P-, L-, and E-selectins) are vital members of adhesion molecules regulating inflammatory and immune responses. They are mainly located in platelets, leukocytes, and endothelial cells. Furthermore, selectins are involved in the immunopathogenesis of vascular inflammatory diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, and so on, by mediating leukocyte recruitment, platelet activation, and alteration of endothelial barrier permeability. Therefore, selectins could be new immunotherapeutic targets for periodontal disorders and their associated systemic diseases since they play a crucial role in immune regulation and endothelium dysfunction. However, the research on selectins and their association with periodontal and systemic diseases remains limited. This review aims to discuss the critical roles of selectins in periodontitis and associated systemic disorders and highlights the potential of selectins as therapeutic targets.

Original languageEnglish
Article number14280
JournalInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2022
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  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • host immune response
  • periodontal disease
  • selectin
  • systemic disease
  • therapeutic target

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