Optimization and analysis of a high power density and fault tolerant starter–generator for aircraft application

Bo Wang, Gaurang Vakil, Ye Liu, Tao Yang, Zhuoran Zhang, Chris Gerada

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Permanent magnet synchronous machines provide many dramatic electromagnetic performances such as high efficiency and high power density, which make them more competitive in aircraft electrification, whereas, designing a permanent magnet starter–generator (PMSG), with given consideration to fault tolerance (FT), is a significant challenge and requires great effort. In this paper, a comprehensive FT PMSG design process is proposed which is applied to power systems of turboprops. Firstly, potential slot/pole combinations were selected based on winding factor, harmonic losses and manufacture issues. Then, pursuing high power density, a multiple objective optimization process was carried out to comprehensively rank performances. To meet a fault tolerance target, electrical, magnetic and thermal isolation topologies were investigated and com-pared, among which 18 slot/12 pole with dual three-phase was selected as the optimal one, with a power density of 7.9 kW/kg. Finally, a finite element analysis verified the performance in normal and post-fault scenarios. The candidate machine has merits concerning high power density and post-fault performance.

Original languageEnglish
Article number113
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2021


  • Dual three-phase
  • Fault-tolerant design
  • Multiple objective optimization
  • Permanent magnet starter–generator

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