Increasing Accountability Using Data Journalism: Challenges for the Pakistani Journalists

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A distinct era of data-driven reporting is on rise–a period when software, algorithms, programming, and data-processing techniques are being used by media organizations, especially in many developed countries of the world. Amid the increased practice of data journalism, it is imperative to analyse how journalists can use it for holding the power holders accountable, particularly in authoritarian and competitive authoritarian regimes where democratic norms are often abused and access to information is constrained. Drawing on the new institutionalism theory, thus this study aims to analyse the ability of Pakistan’s journalists to practice data journalism and to explore challenges that they face in the practice of data-driven reporting. To address this aim, this study uses the qualitative methods of document review and in-depth interviews (face-to-face). This study uses thematic analysis to offer insights into the gathered data.

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JournalJournalism Practice
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Publication statusPublished - 2021
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  • Data journalism
  • Pakistani news media
  • accountability
  • contextual challenges
  • institutional environment
  • new institutionalism theory

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