Green Communication for NOMA-Based CRAN

Wanming Hao, Zheng Chu, Fuhui Zhou, Shouyi Yang, Gangcan Sun, Kai Kit Wong

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The number of wireless devices is growing rapidly on a daily basis echoing the increasing number of applications of the Internet of Thing. Facing massive connections and unavoidable interference, how to provide a green communication is a concerning matter. In this regard, nonorthogonal multiple-access (NOMA) is a natural communications technology that can scale with the massive number of simultaneous connections for a limited bandwidth. In this paper, we aim to maximize the energy efficiency (EE) for an NOMA-based cloud radio access network, where sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave bands are used in fronthaul and access links, respectively. In particular, we formulate the power optimization problem to maximize the EE of the system subject to the fronthaul capacity and transmit power constraints. To address this nonconvex problem, we first convert the fractional objective function into a subtractive form. A two-layer algorithm is then proposed. In the outer loop, the \ell -{1} -norm technique is adopted to transform the nonconvex fronthaul capacity constraint into a convex one, whereas in the inner loop, the weighted minimum mean square error approach is applied. Simulation results indicate that the proposed NOMA scheme can obtain higher EE as well as throughput when compared with orthogonal multiple-access methods.

Original languageEnglish
Article number8403220
Pages (from-to)666-678
Number of pages13
JournalIEEE Internet of Things Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2019
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  • Cloud radio access network (CRAN)
  • Internet of Thing (IoT)
  • green radio
  • millimeter wave (mmWave)
  • nonorthogonal multiple-access (NOMA)

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  • Signal Processing
  • Information Systems
  • Hardware and Architecture
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