Advances in riboswitch-based biosensor as food samples detection tool

Xiaoze Dong, Shuo Qi, Imran Mahmood Khan, Yuhan Sun, Yin Zhang, Zhouping Wang

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Food safety has always been a hot issue of social concern, and biosensing has been widely used in the field of food safety detection. Compared with traditional aptamer-based biosensors, aptamer-based riboswitch biosensing represents higher precision and programmability. A riboswitch is an elegant example of controlling gene expression, where the target is coupled to the aptamer domain, resulting in a conformational change in the downstream expression domain and determining the signal output. Riboswitch-based biosensing can be extensively applied to the portable real-time detection of food samples. The numerous key features of riboswitch-based biosensing emphasize their sustainability, renewable, and testing, which promises to transform engineering applications in the field of food safety. This review covers recent developments in riboswitch-based biosensors. The brief history, definition, and modular design (regulatory mode, reporter, and expression platform) of riboswitch-based biosensors are explained for better insight into the design and construction. We summarize recent advances in various riboswitch-based biosensors involving theophylline, malachite green, tetracycline, neomycin, fluoride, thrombin, naringenin, ciprofloxacin, and paromomycin, aiming to provide general guidance for the design of riboswitch-based biosensors. Finally, the challenges and prospects are also summarized as a way forward stratagem and signs of progress.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)451-472
Number of pages22
JournalComprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2023
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  • aptamer
  • expression
  • regulation
  • reporter
  • riboswitch
  • sensor

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