3D printed zirconia ceramic tool for bone repair with multifunction of drug release, drilling and implantation

Bixuan Wang, Yongjie Zhao, Gongyu Liu, Ying Chen, Jin Mei, Luying Xia, Chendan Tang, Huan Qi, Yinfeng He, Hao Nan Li

Research output: Journal PublicationArticlepeer-review


Ceramics is a promising material that has been widely used as artificial bones. However, most available investigations were devoted to new material development and implant structure design, while few of studies focused on innovative hybrid implants that can act not only as implants but also as surgery tools for solving specific health issues. This paper innovatively designed and additively-manufactured a zirconia ceramic surgery tool, which can not only act as a drilling tool, but also retain itself in the drilled hole after the surgery as bone scaffold, at the meantime delivery active ingredient (Vitamin C) for fast recovery. To achieve early intervention, the proposed zirconia ceramic tool was additively manufactured with inter-connected pore structures that can benefit the recovery. The zirconia ceramic surgery tools (with 50 %, 70 % and 80 % porosity) showed the required mechanical properties to act as a drilling tool. The tool also showed drug releasing function with the different diffusion rates based on drug diffusion experiments. The zirconia ceramic tool with Vitamin C coating also showed enhanced cell adhesion and accelerated cell growth based on the osteoblast induction assessment. Based on above, the proposed zirconia ceramic tool is expected to bring new possibilities for wide applications of ceramic tools in surgeries.
Original languageEnglish
JournalCeramics International
Publication statusPublished - 10 Jun 2024


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