Targeting urban flood resilience with Nature-Based Solutions

Project Details


The project contains four tasks. Party A is responsible for all 4 Tasks. Task 1 is to investigate and integrate knowledge, evidence, and barriers based on natural solutions to address current urban water and soil challenges. Party A also responsible for task 2 is to remediate urban water pollutants via NBS. Party A is also responsible for task 3 is to remediate urban soil pollutants via NBS. Task 4 is to co-develop a framework for urban resilience and pollution control framework based on multi-objective optimization. Party B is responsible for co-design, developing and support for Tasks 1 and 3 about the identification of challenges faced by urban soil and water, remediation of soil and water pollutants, and assessment of emissions, migration, distribution, and health effects, especially responsible for the emerging urban flood risk reduction for Task 4 in the project.

Key findings

flood mitigation and urban soil and water pollution control via NBS
Effective start/end date1/01/2431/12/26


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