Personal profile

Personal profile

Since graduation as a Lawyer/Solicitor, Mr. Michael Mooney has worked in all areas of the Law. In particular, he has worked in Conveyancing, Probate and Administration of Estates, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Family Law and Criminal Law. He was involved as a practicing Lawyer in a wide area of Criminal and Civil law from the Magistrates/District Courts all the way up to the High Court and Central Criminal Court. He has experience in all aspects of the purchase and sale of both commercial and residential property, including preparing contracts, investigating title and closing sales. This has given him considerable experience and knowledge in the area of Contract Law. He has also worked extensively in civil litigation and as a result has gained valuable experience in the area of conflict resolution. He has experience working both as a Junior and Senior Partner in the Administration and Management of a busy private practice. Working in the private sector has given him a strong customer-driven ethic. Since 2007 he has travelled widely in Asia where he has been teaching and he is currently extremely interested in differing Teaching Methodologies. 



  •  Business Law
  •  Business and Society in Contemporary Europe
  •  Human Resources Management
  •  Studying Organisation 

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